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House of Sports

Team Name:House of Sports
Location:Ardsley, NY
Est. Date:N/A
Links:House of Sports Website
House of Sports


Level Team Name W-L-T Ranking AGD Sched Rating
Boys 2022HOS 20220-0-0--
Girls 2022HOS (2022)2-9-1230-4.1683.0078.84
Girls 2023HOS (2023)1-1-0--2.0077.3179.31
Girls 2024HOS (2024)2-5-2216-2.1179.7077.59
Girls 2025HOS (2025)4-14-0227-3.8377.6873.85
Girls 2026HOS (2026)3-7-0159-4.7081.5776.87

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