USCLUBLAX Rankings 10.0 Update (through 4/6)


USClubLax Staff

Apr 06, 2022

USCLUBLAX Rankings 10.0 Update (through 4/6)

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Spring ball in Club Lacrosse is for the Middle Schoolers. Hundreds of games scores have been entered from various Regional Spring Leagues including the GHCLC League, LI Elite League, multiple regions for the NGLL and of course the Lacrosswe World Series Championship Regional Qualifiers to name a few.

The #5 Baltimore Crabs (2026) are rising up the Boys rankings after double digit wins in the Elte division of the GHCLC Spring League. We also saw #4 BBL Elite Black (2027) in action this past weekend as they were the top team to come out of the LWSC East Qualifier. The #3 Annapolis Hawks Green have been playing very well this spring and moved up two spots after an impressive 9-5 win against #4 Madlax - Capital (2028).

The biggest riser in the Girls age levels was the #5 Yellow Jackets Grazidei (2027) who has been playing lights out in the LI Elite Lacrosse League. With convincing wins over #8 FLG Navy (2027) and #28 Yellow Jackets LI Gaghan (2027), Grazidei has the squad playing some of their best lacrosse yet. We also saw some teams like #8 Pride Red (2027) and #12 LBC (2027) benefit from strong performances at the NGLL - MidAtlantic league.

As a reminder, our ratings goes beyond wins and losses and analyzes how a team performs against the competition. We encourage people to utilize the "Ratings Math" tab located on each team page for a detailed summary of how a team's rating is impacted by each game.

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