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POWER 20 Goalie - Zach Finkelstein (2023)


USClubLax Staff

Aug 19, 2021

POWER 20 Goalie - Zach Finkelstein (2023)

Zach Finkelstein - Syosset (NY) - Goalie - Long Island Express

Really enjoyed watching Zach’s recent highlights. A goalie that is really quick at stopping the shot and finding an open teammate to make the pass to. Finkelstein has the potential to be a great goalie at the next level.

"The most impressive thing about Zach is his stepping ability to be honest. He;s really good at bringing his trail leg with him and his body with him through the entire shot...goalies at the next level know you need to bring your body with you to make a clean save and to see [Zach] do this as a 2023 at the level he's doing it is pretty high praise and his footwork is already there at an elite level...by far his stepping is the key to his success so far and I look forward to seeing him through the recruiting process and at the next level. " - VIDEO BREAKDOWN by Kyle Bernlohr

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