USCLUBLAX Rankings Update (through 1/21)


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Jan 20, 2022

USCLUBLAX Rankings Update (through 1/21)

This week's rankings are altered by not just game score corrections, but new scores from Sand Storm and Eye of the Hurricane. Doesn't sound like much, but there was almost 1,000 new game scores added to system and 150+ new teams added to the rankings.

Total number of games recorded = 16,449

Number of Ranked Teams = 2,382

As a reminder, our ratings goes beyond wins and losses and analyzes how a team performs against the competition. We encourage people to utilize the "Ratings Math" tab located on each team page for a detailed summary of how a team's rating is impacted by each game.

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BOYS 2023 (Click here to view)

With new data from Club Nationals, #57 Team UNRL TX (9-5) takes the lead in our Texas Boys Rankings with Nation United Texs (6-6) and Iron Horse Houston (8-10-1) rounding out the top 3 for the Lone Star State.

Five more teams enter the California state rankings, but #33 West Coast Starz Gold (8-10) still hold the top spot.

BOYS 2024 (Click here to view)

#24 Bravo 4 (6-1) out of Colorado makes their debut in the rankings who split games at Sand Storm with #15 Mad Dog West Elite Black (18-5-1). Since its not just about how your team performs, but also how your opponents perform, #4 Denver Elite Silver (16-1) dropped back a spot due to the games played at Sand Storm even though they weren't even there, but teams they played were.

BOYS 2025 (Click here to view)

Fog City (16-0-2) stays put at #29 after ging 5-0-2 at Sand Storm and claiming the title. #35 ADVNC NDP NorCal (10-6) jumped up an impressive 13 spots after a strong outing this past weekend. #27 True Illinois Premier AA (5-5) gets over the 6 game played within age level minimum to appear our rankings and is currently the top team in Illinois.

Also making their appearance in our rankings in #2 DC Express Black (6-0-1) who is challenging #1 Annapolis Hawks Green (8-0-1) as the top team in the country after receiving tournament verifications which got them the 6 game minimum games played against age level to appear in the rankings

BOYS 2026 (Click here to view)

An undefeated record and championship crown at Sand Stor has #3 Texas Nationals Mohicans (14-1) solidified at top of the National Rankings. #25 Tommyknockers (15-2) out of Colorado moved up in the rankings despite getting their first losses of the year against #13 Alcatraz Outlawas (14-3) and a one goal loss to the Texas Nationals Mohicans. #5 ADVNC National (6-1) makes theirr debut at Sand Storm and the rankings with only a one goal loss to the Texas Nationals Mohicans.

BOYS 2027 (Click here to view)

#8 ADVNC NDP NorCal (16-1-1) goes undefeated at Sand Storm including wins against #7 Kings Colorado Elite (12-1), #16 Texas Nationals - Mustangs (6-3-2), #18 Baltimore Crabs (10-5), & #23 Tommyknockers (7-3-1).

BOYS 2028 (Click here to view)

An unknown JM3 National (5-1) claims the title at Sand Storm and becomes our #6 national team for the 2028 Boys. Their resume is highlighted by edging out #8 Texas Nationals (15-2) twice. #29 True Illinois Premier AA and top team in Illinois moves up 6 spots after a strong outing in Palm Springs. #42 3d Dallas (11-3-1) leapfrogs #44 Southstar (6-6) as the second ranked team in the state of Texas. #16 3d Colorado AA (12-2-1) is currently the top team in Rocky Mountain state with #31 Colorado Kings (5-4-1) only 3 rating points behind.

GIRLS 2023 (Click here to view)

#23 Mad Dog West Elite (14-4-2) wins Sand Storm and ranked #1 in California after beating the top teams in Washington, Colorado, and including the #1 team in Texas #22 Grit Dallas (10-3). #20 Florida Select (5-11-1) was the top team at Eye of the Hurricane and remains the top team in Florida.

GIRLS 2024 (Click here to view)

#14 Team 180 (10-4) got the best of #21 Mad Dog West Elite (10-7-1) and Oregon Pride (10-1). However, it was #54 Tenancity Elite (10-5) who came away with a huge 2-1 upset win over Team 180 to claim the 2024 title at Sand Storm and move up about 20 spots in our rankings.

Four more wins for #8 Florida Select (14-2) at Eye of the Hurricane keeps this team as the top team in state and one off the best in the country.

GIRLS 2025 (Click here to view)

#8 HHH National (12-3) played like a top 10 team at Sand Storm sporting a crazy goal differential of 45 in Palm Springs, but it was #49 LA Wave (8-4-1) who gave them their only loss of the tournament. These two teams may be far apart in ranking but their ratings are only 3 points apart, which shows that teams that may appear to be in the middle of the pack can be just as competitive. #30 Oregon Pride (10-4-1) also had a nice showing last weekend who won all of their games and ultimately lost to HHH National in the title game.

#16 Limitless Elite (15-2) brought their A game to Eye of the Hurricane adding 5 more wins to their tally.

GIRLS 2026 (Click here to view)

#23 BBL National (8-0) came out west to Palm Springs and beat some of the best teams from Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, Texas and California to take home the Sand Storm championship.

#9 Madskillz - Florida Select (12-0) showed why theyy're one of the top teams in the country this past weekend.

GIRLS 2027 (Click here to view)

After a great showing at Sand Storm, which included a huge win against #30 Team 180 (6-3) has #18 HHH National (12-2) ranked in the top 25 of the Girls 2027. The #2 team in the country in Madskillz (9-1) was on display at Eye of the Hurricane.

GIRLS 2028 (Click here to view)

After going undefeated at the Santa barabar Showdown, the top team in Colorado needed atleast one more game to just appear in our rankings. After a dominant performance at Sand Storm, Urban Elite (11-0) makes their rankings debut at #7 in the country.

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