USCLUBLAX Rankings 13.0 Update (through 6/17)


USClubLax Staff

Jun 17, 2022

USCLUBLAX Rankings 13.0 Update (through 6/17)

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The US Club Lax Club Rankings presented by Warrior Lacrosse have been released.
Over 4,000+ New Game scores were recorded this weekend alone! Over 34 tournaments nationwide with massive impacts across the board. High School Summer Season is starting to kick off this weekend, stay tuned for some massive changes at the 23-25 levels.

Year to date, we have entered a total of 25,873 games from over 300+ tournaments into our database with a little under 2 months left in the US Club Lax 2021-22 Season.

NEXT WEEK THE MINIMUM NUMBER OF GAMES TO BE RANKED WILL INCREASE TO NINE (9). The more data gathered, the more statistically significant and accurate our ratings become. This move will hopefully minimize the number of outliers in the rnakings with teams with scores from potentially a single event. With less teams ranked, we expect to see some shake ups.

Continue to submit game score corrections as we have noticed significant movement when we accidently align the incorrect team to an event that doesn't just impact the strenght of schedule and ratings of that team, but all of the teams that team has played.

As a reminder, our ratings goes beyond wins and losses and analyzes how a team performs against the competition. We encourage people to utilize the "Ratings Math" tab located on each team page for a detailed summary of how a team's rating is impacted by each game.

Check out all Club Team Rankings below:

BOYS 2023 (Click here to view)

BOYS 2024 (Click here to view)

BOYS 2025 (Click here to view)

BOYS 2026 (Click here to view)

BOYS 2027 (Click here to view)

BOYS 2028 (Click here to view)

GIRLS 2023 (Click here to view)

GIRLS 2024 (Click here to view)

GIRLS 2025 (Click here to view)

GIRLS 2026 (Click here to view)

GIRLS 2027 (Click here to view)

GIRLS 2028 (Click here to view)

  • Use the search function in the upper right hand corner to find your Club/Team
  • Submit a score
  • Don't see your club listed? Request New Club HERE.
  • Team and score corrections for 2021-2022 season can be made by selecting the FIX icon located on each team page.
  • If you have any questions that can not be answered by the FAQ, please feel free to CONTACT US.
  • **For early notifications of ranking updates, please consider signing up for our E-mail newletter**

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