US Club Lax Introduces Player Ratings: A Comprehensive Guide


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Jun 30, 2024

US Club Lax Introduces Player Ratings: A Comprehensive Guide

US Club Lax Introduces Player Ratings: A Comprehensive Guide

Exciting news from US Club Lax as they roll out their new Player Ratings, spotlighting the top talents in the 2025 and 2026 recruiting classes. This initiative aims to mirror the meticulous recruitment process familiar to college coaches, ensuring that emerging lacrosse stars get the recognition they deserve. Here’s everything you need to know about this groundbreaking project.

Who Are the Evaluators?

US Club Lax has assembled a top-notch team to ensure the accuracy and credibility of their ratings. The evaluators include:

  • Current College Coaches: Bringing current insights and standards from the collegiate level.
  • Former College Coaches: Offering experience and a historical perspective on player development.
  • Former Club Directors: Providing a grassroots viewpoint on talent nurturing and identification.

How Did These Players Get on the List?

The evaluators embarked on an exhaustive review of networks and recruitment circuits across the country. Their mission? To pinpoint the premier talents in the 2025 and 2026 classes. By leveraging their extensive connections and expertise, they were able to identify players who stand out nationwide.

Is This the Final List?

Absolutely not! The Player Ratings list is dynamic and will be continuously updated throughout the summer season. New talents will be added, and existing players will be re-evaluated to reflect their latest performances.

Moreover, US Club Lax is offering additional opportunities for visibility through their upcoming online showcases:

  • Under the Radar 26s: A spotlight for emerging stars in the 2026 class.
  • Next Generation 27s: Highlighting the potential future stars of the 2027 class.

What Does the Evaluation Entail?

For Attack/Midfield Players:

  • Athleticism: Evaluators look at agility, overall speed, change of direction, and explosiveness.
  • Lacrosse IQ: Key factors include off-ball movement, field vision, situational awareness, and versatility.
  • Stick Skills: Players are assessed on their off-hand shooting ability, dodging ability, shooting placement, and creativity/stick handling.

For Defensive Players:

  • Athleticism: Similar to attack/midfield players, agility, speed, change of direction, and explosiveness are crucial.
  • Lacrosse IQ: Evaluators consider off-ball movement, field vision, situational awareness, and versatility.
  • Defensive Skill: Ground balls, communication, stick handling, defensive positioning, and transition skills are all critical components.

Why This Matters

The introduction of the Player Ratings by US Club Lax is a significant development in the lacrosse community. It provides a structured and transparent way for young athletes to get noticed and evaluated, mirroring the professional recruitment processes used by colleges. This initiative not only highlights individual talent but also sets a standard for what it takes to excel in the sport.

Stay tuned for more updates as US Club Lax continues to refine and expand their Player Ratings, ensuring that the best and brightest in lacrosse are recognized and celebrated.

For more information and updates, keep an eye on US Club Lax’s official channels and upcoming showcases.


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