Last Updated: May 16, 2024
1Bostons Phinest (2029)MA10-199.995.0994.90
2West Coast Starz Gold Cade (2029)West Coast Starz Gold Cade (2029)CA10-298.553.6694.89 West Coast Starz Website
3Fusion Futures PA (2029)Fusion Futures PA (2029)PA18-198.536.3192.22 Fusion Lacrosse Philly Website
4Nationals Lacrosse Club (2029)Nationals Lacrosse Club (2029)5-298.483.1495.34 Nationals Lacrosse Club Website
5Red Hots National (2029)Red Hots National (2029)PA7-398.292.0096.29 Red Hots Lacrosse Website
6Suns (2029)9-297.972.3695.61
7Igloo Apline Drift (2029)Igloo Apline Drift (2029)NY10-397.932.0795.86Igloo Lacrosse Facebook Igloo Lacrosse Twitter Igloo Lacrosse Instagram Igloo Lacrosse Website
8Team 91 LI Chaos (2029)Team 91 LI Chaos (2029)NY8-297.883.8094.08Team 91 Long Island Facebook Team 91 Long Island Twitter Team 91 Long Island Instagram Team 91 Long Island Website
9Mad Dog National Black (2029)Mad Dog National Black (2029)10-297.641.5096.14 Mad Dog Lacrosse National Website
10Texas Nationals 2029Texas Nationals 2029TX8-397.613.6393.98 Texas Nationals Lacrosse Club Website
11Madlax-Capital (2029)Madlax-Capital (2029)VA16-4-196.955.0991.86 MadLax Website
123D New England Red (2029)3D New England Red (2029)MA11-196.884.2592.633D New England Facebook 3D New England Twitter 3D New England Instagram 3D New England Website
133D Garden State AA (2029)3D Garden State AA (2029)NJ12-596.784.4192.37 3D Garden State Website
14ADVNC NDP 2029ADVNC NDP 2029CA6-496.652.0094.65 ADVNC NDP Website
15True Chesapeake Black (2029)True Chesapeake Black (2029)MD15-496.552.8493.71 True Maryland Website
16Sweetlax Florida (2029)Sweetlax Florida (2029)FL8-2-196.504.0092.50 Sweetlax Lacrosse Website
17Leading Edge (2029)Leading Edge (2029)NJ12-7-296.331.5794.76 Leading Edge Lacrosse Website
18Mooselax 2029 OrangeMooselax 2029 OrangeNY12-796.322.1594.17 MooseLax Lacrosse Club Website
19Next Level 2029Next Level 2029MD16-5-196.002.5493.46 Next Level Spartans Website
20Annapolis Hawks Green (2029)Annapolis Hawks Green (2029)MD12-3-295.971.9494.03 Annapolis Hawks Website
21LI Rebels LC Black (2029)LI Rebels LC Black (2029)NY10-695.902.5693.34 Long Island Rebels Lacrosse Club Website
22LI Express Moran (2029)LI Express Moran (2029)NY9-7-195.811.7694.05 Long Island Express Lacrosse Website
23True National Black (2029)True National Black (2029)6-095.506.3389.17 True National Lacrosse Website
24Mad Dog Elite West Black 2029Mad Dog Elite West Black 2029CA10-9-395.120.5094.62 Mad Dog Lacrosse West  Website
25Orange Crush Syracuse (2029)Orange Crush Syracuse (2029)NY10-294.804.5090.30 Orange Crush Lacrosse Syracuse  Website
26Alcatraz Outlaws (2029)Alcatraz Outlaws (2029)CA15-294.573.2991.28 Alcatraz Outlaws Website
27Duke's Elite Foles 2029AADuke's Elite Foles 2029AAPA15-3-194.533.8990.64 Dukes Lacrosse Website
28BBL Black 2029BBL Black 2029NJ4-594.460.7793.69 BBL - Building Blocks Lacrosse Website
29Colorado Kings (2029)Colorado Kings (2029)CO4-5-194.36-0.6094.96 Colorado Kings Website
30Westchester Predators AA (2029)Westchester Predators AA (2029)NY6-394.292.4491.85 Westchester Predators Lacrosse Website
31LTLC Legends 2029LTLC Legends 2029MD4-394.250.4293.83 LTLC (Lutherville Timonium Lacrosse Club)	 Website
32ADVNC NDP NorCal 2029CA7-394.091.5092.59 ADVNC NDP NorCal Website
33Team 11 (2029)Team 11 (2029)PA11-394.093.6490.45 Team 11 Website
34Team 91 CO Yetis (2029)Team 91 CO Yetis (2029)CO16-394.063.3690.70 Team 91 Colorado Website
353d Georgia Red (2029)3d Georgia Red (2029)GA10-593.331.3392.003D Georgia Facebook 3D Georgia Twitter 3D Georgia Instagram 3D Georgia Website
36LI Legacy Predators (2029)LI Legacy Predators (2029)NY6-5-193.310.6692.65 Long Island Legacy Lacrosse Website
37Express North Black (2029)Express North Black (2029)CT7-693.140.5392.61 Express North Website
38Seattle Starz Navy (2029)Seattle Starz Navy (2029)WA8-693.141.1492.00 Seattle Starz Website
39Mad Dog SD Black (2029)Mad Dog SD Black (2029)CA12-493.072.7590.32 Mad Dog Lacrosse West  Website
402Way 2029 Black2Way 2029 BlackCT4-8-293.03-0.5093.532Way Facebook 2Way Twitter 2Way Instagram 2Way Website
41Tommyknockers 2029Tommyknockers 2029CO8-1192.91-0.1593.06 Tommyknockers Lacrosse Instagram Tommyknockers Lacrosse Website
42True 704 Black (2029)True 704 Black (2029)NC9-0-192.895.5087.39 True North Carolina Website
43Cityside (2029)Cityside (2029)WA11-492.833.1389.70 City Side Lax Website
44Laxachusetts Gold (2029)Laxachusetts Gold (2029)MA6-092.763.8388.93 Laxachusetts Website
45FCA MD 2029FCA MD 2029MD2-1392.53-2.0094.53 FCA Maryland Website
46Sweetlax NY Upstate (2029)Sweetlax NY Upstate (2029)NY3-692.37-1.4493.81
47Laxachusetts Green (2029)Laxachusetts Green (2029)MA9-092.194.8887.31 Laxachusetts Website
48Red Hots Black (2029)Red Hots Black (2029)PA19-1-192.195.0087.19 Red Hots Lacrosse Website
49Prime Time (2029)Prime Time (2029)NY3-11-192.14-2.6694.80 Primetime Lacrosse Website
50Thunder Blue (2029)Thunder Blue (2029)GA5-692.06-0.5492.60 Thunder Lacrosse Website
51ADVNC SF (2029)ADVNC SF (2029)CA7-692.011.3090.71 ADVNC San Francisco Website
52Mad Dog LA (2029)Mad Dog LA (2029)CA8-791.831.6090.23 Mad Dog Lacrosse West  Website
53West Coast Starz Navy Castenalli (2029)West Coast Starz Navy Castenalli (2029)CA2-991.75-2.0093.75 West Coast Starz Website
54NXT Black (2029)NXT Black (2029)PA11-1091.351.1490.21 NXT Lacrosse Website
55Dirty Birds TX (2029)Dirty Birds TX (2029)TX7-5-391.130.0691.07 Dirty Birds TX Website
56Steez Bots 2029XX4-491.120.1291.00
57NorthStar TX 2029NorthStar TX 2029TX9-691.052.0089.05
58Team America (2029)Team America (2029)XX5-491.011.1189.90 Team America	Lacrosse Website
594Leaf Army (2029)4Leaf Army (2029)NH4-1-190.932.3388.60 4leaf lacrosse Website
603d National (2029)3d National (2029)1-6-390.85-2.7093.553D Lacrosse National Facebook 3D Lacrosse National Twitter 3D Lacrosse National Instagram 3D Lacrosse National Website
603d National (2029)3d National (2029)1-6-390.85-2.7093.553D Lacrosse National Facebook 3D Lacrosse National Twitter 3D Lacrosse National Instagram 3D Lacrosse National Website
613D Texas (2029)3D Texas (2029)TX9-5-190.752.6088.15 3D Texas Website
62True Illinois Premier AAA (2029)True Illinois Premier AAA (2029)IL5-3-190.702.5588.15 True Illinois Website
63GC Rams (2029)GC Rams (2029)NY4-590.65-0.4491.09
64Team 91 Maryland (2029)Team 91 Maryland (2029)MD6-890.47-1.7192.18 Team 91 Maryland Website
65Mad Dog National Gold (2029)Mad Dog National Gold (2029)6-590.43-1.8192.24 Mad Dog Lacrosse National Website
66RC Blues (2029)7-790.400.0090.40
67RI Bulldogs Black (2029)RI Bulldogs Black (2029)RI8-2-290.243.9186.33 RI Bulldogs lacrosse Website
68True Philly Black (2029)True Philly Black (2029)PA12-290.214.8585.36 True Pennsylvannia Website
69Team Ontario (2029)Team Ontario (2029)ON7-290.194.4485.75 Team Ontario Website
70Denver Elite Silver (2029)Denver Elite Silver (2029)CO8-590.071.7688.31 Denver Elite Website
71Harvest (2029)Harvest (2029)NY3-390.021.1688.86 Harvest Lacrosse Website
72Utah Summit (2029)Utah Summit (2029)UT8-489.933.7586.18 Utah Summit Twitter Utah Summit Instagram Utah Summit Website
73AZ Select 2029AZ6-489.76-0.4090.16
74Blue Star White (2029)Blue Star White (2029)NJ8-1389.65-0.5790.22 Blue Star Lacrosse Website
75Freight Train LC (2029)Freight Train LC (2029)MA6-389.532.4487.09 Freight Train LC Website
76Team 91 Charlotte Blue (2029)Team 91 Charlotte Blue (2029)NC8-289.515.9083.61 Team 91 Charlotte Website
77Mad Dog Elite West Chrome 2029Mad Dog Elite West Chrome 2029CA7-7-189.230.2089.03 Mad Dog Lacrosse West  Website
78BBL National 2029BBL National 2029NJ0-689.19-5.6694.85 BBL - Building Blocks Lacrosse Website
79Carolina Coast Lacrosse (2029)Carolina Coast Lacrosse (2029)NC9-489.192.8486.35 Carolina Coast Website
80Laxachusetts White (2029)Laxachusetts White (2029)MA7-1-189.194.4484.75 Laxachusetts Website
81Mad Dog Shore Black (2029)Mad Dog Shore Black (2029)NJ4-1-189.122.5086.62 Mad Dog New Jersey Website
82Team 91 CAROLINA 2029Team 91 CAROLINA 2029NC10-589.122.7386.39 Team 91 Carolina Website
83SouthShore (2029)SouthShore (2029)NJ9-4-188.960.6488.32 SouthShore Lacrosse Website
84Team TEN (2029)Team TEN (2029)PA3-1188.94-3.6492.58 Team TEN Website
85Dragons FLC Ice (2029)Dragons FLC Ice (2029)CT1-4-188.92-2.0090.92 Dragons LC Website
86ADVNC Sac (2029)ADVNC Sac (2029)CA4-388.820.2888.54 ADVNC Sacramento Website
87Team Money 2029Team Money 2029PA12-488.823.7585.07 Team Money Lacrosse Website
88Littlenecks AA (2029)Littlenecks AA (2029)MA6-10-188.81-0.8889.69 Littlenecks Lacrosse Website
89Team 91 CO Sabertooths (2029)Team 91 CO Sabertooths (2029)CO10-488.733.0085.73 Team 91 Colorado Website
90East Ave AA (2029)East Ave AA (2029)IL7-388.691.1087.59 East Ave Lacrosse Website
91Team Oregon AA (2029)Team Oregon AA (2029)OR7-888.690.8687.83 Team Oregon Lacrosse Instagram Team Oregon Lacrosse Website
92Set Lacrosse (2029)NY6-1-188.684.5084.18
93True TX Black (2029)True TX Black (2029)TX4-488.67-0.7589.42 True Texas Website
94True NoVa Black (2029)True NoVa Black (2029)VA11-488.512.4086.11 True Virginia Website
956star Sixers (2029)6star Sixers (2029)CO5-988.48-0.4288.90 6 Star Lacrosse Website
96Charleston Elite 2029Charleston Elite 2029SC6-488.473.4085.07 Charleston Elite Website
97BBL Shore 2029BBL Shore 2029NJ3-5-188.45-2.4490.89 BBL Shore Website
98Fusion Canada West (2029)Fusion Canada West (2029)ON6-288.455.1283.33 Fusion Canada West Website
99Laytonville Hippos (2029)Laytonville Hippos (2029)MD6-488.441.3087.14Laytonsville Hippos Facebook Laytonsville Hippos Instagram Laytonsville Hippos Website
100True Upstate (2029AA)NY5-188.414.6683.75
101Predators Red MD (2029)Predators Red MD (2029)MD3-1088.37-3.6992.06 Maryland Predators LC Website
102Fusion VA 2029VA9-2-188.351.9186.44 Fusion Lacrosse Virginia Website
103GC Elite (2029)NY3-588.35-2.5090.85 GC 34 Lacrosse Website
104Project KC (2029)Project KC (2029)MO7-488.210.4587.76 Project Midwest Website
105Tri-State (2029)Tri-State (2029)NJ5-388.212.5085.71 Tri State Lacrosse Website
106Mad Dog OC (2029)Mad Dog OC (2029)CA8-788.080.7387.35 Mad Dog Lacrosse West  Website
107Team 91 Georgia (2029)Team 91 Georgia (2029)GA6-488.083.1084.98Team 91 Georgia Facebook Team 91 Georgia Twitter Team 91 Georgia Instagram Team 91 Georgia Website
108True UT AA (2029)True UT AA (2029)UT3-788.08-1.4089.48 True Utah Website
109Baltimore Swarm (2029)Baltimore Swarm (2029)MD17-488.073.2384.84Baltimore Swarm Facebook Baltimore Swarm Twitter Baltimore Swarm Instagram Baltimore Swarm Website
110True Indiana AA (2029)True Indiana AA (2029)IN8-0-188.062.7785.29 True Indiana Website
111Team 91 LI Power (2029)Team 91 LI Power (2029)NY2-788.00-2.8890.88Team 91 Long Island Facebook Team 91 Long Island Twitter Team 91 Long Island Instagram Team 91 Long Island Website
112Richmond Hawks AA (2029)Richmond Hawks AA (2029)VA6-687.971.8386.14 Richmond Hawks Website
113Jr Scots (2029)Jr Scots (2029)TX6-0-187.957.0080.95
114Riot Chaos (2029)Riot Chaos (2029)NJ3-6-187.95-1.9089.85 NJ Riot Lacrosse Website
115Sweetlax Albany Stags 2029Sweetlax Albany Stags 2029NY4-587.88-0.2288.10 Sweetlax Albany Stags Website
116Annapolis Hawks Black (2029)Annapolis Hawks Black (2029)MD16-8-187.842.3285.52 Annapolis Hawks Website
117TEAM CAROLINA 2029TEAM CAROLINA 2029NC10-487.842.3585.49 Team Carolina Website
118NH Tomahawks Purple (2029)NH Tomahawks Purple (2029)NH3-4-287.62-2.1189.73 New Hampshire Tomahawks Website
119Iron Horse Austin (2029)Iron Horse Austin (2029)TX7-287.583.6683.92Iron Horse Austin Facebook Iron Horse Austin Twitter Iron Horse Austin Instagram Iron Horse Austin Website
1202Way 2029 Carolina2Way 2029 CarolinaCT4-287.372.8384.542Way Facebook 2Way Twitter 2Way Instagram 2Way Website
121Tenacious Turtles Buscemi (2029)Tenacious Turtles Buscemi (2029)NY2-487.37-2.3389.70 Tenacious Turtles Website
122Grizzly (2029)Grizzly (2029)NY4-587.330.2287.11 Grizzly Lacrosse Website
123HEADstrong Lehigh Valley (2029)PA6-087.313.8383.48
124Piatelli Central Green (2029)Piatelli Central Green (2029)MA2-3-187.31-1.3388.64 Piatelli Central Website
125HoCo (2029)HoCo (2029)MD13-587.303.0584.25 Hoco Lacrosse Website
125HoCo (2029)HoCo (2029)MD13-587.303.0584.25 Hoco Lacrosse Website
126East Coast Elite (2029)East Coast Elite (2029)NY6-087.276.8380.44 East Coast Lacrosse Website
127FCA Upstate Navy (2029)FCA Upstate Navy (2029)NY5-387.260.7586.51 FCA Upstate Website
128Jersey Thunder Central 2029Jersey Thunder Central 2029NJ3-387.161.0086.16 Jersey Thunder Website
129SJ Shamrocks 2029 BoysSJ Shamrocks 2029 BoysNJ7-1087.03-1.1788.20 South Jersey Shamrocks Website
130Carroll Manor (2029)MD6-7-186.941.5085.44
131Shore Kaos Black (2029)Shore Kaos Black (2029)MD5-786.93-1.1688.09 Maryland Kaos Lacrosse Website
132Bethesda LC 2029 BlueBethesda LC 2029 BlueMD7-10-186.91-0.0586.96 Bethesda Lacrosse Club (BLC) Website
133Alpha State (2029)Alpha State (2029)WI3-386.881.8385.05 Alpha State Website
134ProStart Blue (2029)ProStart Blue (2029)MD9-686.841.0085.84 Prostart Lacrosse Website
135Penguins Blue (2029)MA3-1-286.800.3386.47 Penguins Select Website
136LI Rebels East Storm (2029)NY8-2-186.773.9082.87 Long Island Rebels East Website
137Steps Elite Lacrosse 2029Steps Elite Lacrosse 2029NJ6-186.763.1483.62 Steps Elite Lacrosse Website
138ADVNC Dallas (2029)ADVNC Dallas (2029)TX5-7-186.72-0.4687.18 ADVNC TEXAS Website
139Coastal Lacrosse Academy 2029Coastal Lacrosse Academy 2029DE13-6-186.722.4084.32 Coastal Lacrosse Academy Delaware Instagram Coastal Lacrosse Academy Delaware Website
140Shore 2 Shore Riptide (2029)Shore 2 Shore Riptide (2029)NY4-5-186.62-0.5087.12 Shore 2 Shore Twitter Shore 2 Shore Instagram Shore 2 Shore Website
141Cityside 208 (2029)Cityside 208 (2029)ID8-286.613.3083.31City Side 208 Facebook City Side 208 Instagram City Side 208 Website
142Team ONE Academy (2029)Team ONE Academy (2029)IL8-4-186.611.3085.31 Team One Website
1432 Knights (2029)2 Knights (2029)NJ7-286.452.8883.57 2 Knights Lacrosse (2KL) Website
144PA Roughriders (2029)PA Roughriders (2029)PA8-786.350.6085.75 Roughriders Pennsylvania Website
145LI Express OReilly (2029)LI Express OReilly (2029)NY7-3-186.261.9084.36 Long Island Express Lacrosse Website
146VLC Poon (2029)VLC Poon (2029)VA14-5-186.242.8083.44Virginia Lacrosse Club (VLC) Facebook Virginia Lacrosse Club (VLC) Twitter Virginia Lacrosse Club (VLC) Website
147Juiced Cherries (2029)Juiced Cherries (2029)MI2-686.23-2.8789.10 Juiced Cherries Website
148Black Bear (2029)Black Bear (2029)PA4-4-186.190.7785.42 Black Bear Lacrosse Website
149Westchester Predators A (2029)Westchester Predators A (2029)NY5-186.084.0082.08 Westchester Predators Lacrosse Website
150Dawgs LC (2029)Dawgs LC (2029)PA6-7-186.060.0086.06 Dawgs LC Website
151BBL West (2029)BBL West (2029)NJ3-2-186.041.6684.38 BBL - Building Blocks Lacrosse Website
152HGR Blue (2029)HGR Blue (2029)MA6-2-185.972.7783.20 HGR Website
153Madlax-Capital DMV (2029)Madlax-Capital DMV (2029)VA10-785.911.9483.97 MadLax Website
154Predators Black MD (2029)Predators Black MD (2029)MD7-585.800.0085.80 Maryland Predators LC Website
155FL Crabs (2029)FL Crabs (2029)FL4-3-185.671.1284.55 Florida Crabs Website
156CT Valley 2029 BlueCT Valley 2029 BlueCT6-085.644.5081.14 Connecticut Valley Website
157DELCO LC 2029DELCO LC 2029PA6-685.622.0083.62 Delco Lacrosse Club Website
158Team 91 CO Northside (2029)Team 91 CO Northside (2029)CO6-985.55-1.8687.41 Team 91 Colorado Website
159True Blue (2029)True Blue (2029)NY5-4-185.551.1084.45 True Blue Website
160Team Maryland White (2029)Team Maryland White (2029)MD8-685.520.1485.38 Team Maryland Lacrosse Club Website
161THUNDER 2029 ORANGETHUNDER 2029 ORANGEGA6-385.473.1182.36 Thunder Lacrosse Website
162Recon (2029)Recon (2029)NY5-285.423.4282.00 Recon Lacrosse Website
163Legacy East (2029)Legacy East (2029)NY3-385.39-0.8386.22 Long Island Legacy Lacrosse Website
164Project STL (2029)Project STL (2029)MO4-5-185.381.0084.38
165Brotherhood (2029/30)Brotherhood (2029/30)NJ7-3-185.182.3682.82 Brotherhood Lacrosse Website
166NXT Silver (2029)NXT Silver (2029)PA15-685.111.3383.78 NXT Lacrosse Website
167Blue Star Blue (2029)Blue Star Blue (2029)NJ8-1285.05-1.8086.85 Blue Star Lacrosse Website
168BBL North (2029)BBL North (2029)NJ3-685.01-1.0086.01 BBL - Building Blocks Lacrosse Website
169Iron Horse Dallas 2029Iron Horse Dallas 2029TX8-9-284.980.3184.67Iron Horse Dallas Facebook Iron Horse Dallas Twitter Iron Horse Dallas Instagram Iron Horse Dallas Website
170Team 91 Tristate Select (2029)Team 91 Tristate Select (2029)NY2-484.96-1.5086.46 Team 91 Tri-State Website
171Westside Premier (2029)MI4-2-184.911.4283.49 Westside Website
172Impulse OKC (2029)Impulse OKC (2029)OK3-8-284.83-1.8486.67 Impulse Website
173Evolution Elite 2029Evolution Elite 2029NJ4-2-184.731.4283.31 Evolution Lacrosse Academy Website
174Indiana All Stars (2029)IN3-684.69-1.4486.13
175LI Legacy Spiders (2029)LI Legacy Spiders (2029)NY6-4-184.531.0983.44 Long Island Legacy Lacrosse Website
176NJLC 2029NJLC 2029NJ6-3-184.362.4081.96 NJLC Lacrosse Website
1774Leaf Navy (2029)4Leaf Navy (2029)NH4-284.340.3384.01 4leaf lacrosse Website
178Coyotes (2029)Coyotes (2029)MA6-3-384.261.5882.68 Coyotes Lacrosse MA Instagram Coyotes Lacrosse MA Website
179True Illinois Premier AA (2029)True Illinois Premier AA (2029)IL4-784.050.3683.69 True Illinois Website
1803 Point Lacrosse (2029)3 Point Lacrosse (2029)NC9-583.990.1483.85 3 Point Lacrosse NC Website
181COSMO Chaos (2029)3-3-183.901.0082.90
182Valley Select (2029)Valley Select (2029)VA7-283.855.0078.85 Valley Select Website
183Westward 29/30Westward 29/30NV6-6-183.85-0.3884.23Westward Lacrosse Facebook Westward Lacrosse Instagram Westward Lacrosse Website
184Atlanta Empire 29/30Atlanta Empire 29/30GA12-383.781.8681.92 Atlanta Empire Website
185Sweetlax Loggerheads (2029)Sweetlax Loggerheads (2029)SC4-383.760.0083.76 Sweetlax Charleston Loggerheads Website
186Mad Dog North Black (2029)Mad Dog North Black (2029)NJ1-5-183.74-3.8587.59 Mad Dog New Jersey Website
187Sonics Nashville 29/30TN2-783.74-2.2285.96
188Patriot ELITE 2029 ChromePatriot ELITE 2029 ChromeNJ2-483.62-3.0086.62 Patriot Lacrosse Website
189Zingos (2029)Zingos (2029)MD6-283.622.5081.12 Zingos Lacrosse Club Website
190MDLL Select Diamondbacks 2029MDLL Select Diamondbacks 2029MD2-6-183.61-0.8884.49 MDLL Select Website
191Team CT (2029)Team CT (2029)CT2-483.45-2.8386.28 Team Connecticut Website
192True Upstate Black (2029)True Upstate Black (2029)PA2-683.45-2.3785.82 True Pennsylvannia Website
193South Bay Select (2029)South Bay Select (2029)CA5-2183.44-4.5387.97 South Bay Lacrosse club Website
194Carolina Miners 2029Carolina Miners 2029NC7-7-183.430.4083.03 Carolina Miners Website
195No Excuse Chattanooga (2029)3-383.40-1.3384.73
1963D Georgia Black (2029)3D Georgia Black (2029)GA9-783.361.4381.933D Georgia Facebook 3D Georgia Twitter 3D Georgia Instagram 3D Georgia Website
197True Westchester (2029)3-2-183.34-0.5083.84
198Mad Dog SD Red (2029)Mad Dog SD Red (2029)CA4-10-183.33-1.9385.26 Mad Dog Lacrosse West  Website
199Legacy Georgia (2029)5-583.30-0.9084.20
200Blak Widow (2029)Blak Widow (2029)PA2-1183.09-1.7684.85 Blak Widow Lacrosse Website
201Kings MA White (2029)Kings MA White (2029)MA6-1-282.964.4478.52 Boston Kings Website
202Southstar 2029Southstar 2029TX11-8-182.950.4582.50 SouthStar Website
203Fusion Philly (2029)Fusion Philly (2029)PA3-1182.88-2.6485.52 Fusion Lacrosse Philly Website
204Kings MA Red (2029)Kings MA Red (2029)MA4-1082.88-3.2886.16 Boston Kings Website
205Mesa Elite 2029Mesa Elite 2029PA1-1382.83-6.1488.97 Mesa Lacrosse Website
206Igloo Snowmen (2029)Igloo Snowmen (2029)NY5-482.790.2282.57Igloo Lacrosse Facebook Igloo Lacrosse Twitter Igloo Lacrosse Instagram Igloo Lacrosse Website
207Littlenecks A (2029)Littlenecks A (2029)MA3-982.77-1.7584.52 Littlenecks Lacrosse Website
208South Sound (2029)South Sound (2029)WA3-682.64-1.8884.52 South Sound Website
209BBL Helix (2029)BBL Helix (2029)NJ1-882.62-4.8887.50 BBL - Building Blocks Lacrosse Website
210True CO (2029)True CO (2029)CO2-6-182.53-2.0084.53 True Colorado Website
211True NJ (2029)True NJ (2029)NJ3-382.48-0.6683.14 True New Jersey Website
212Midwest Top Gun (2029)MO4-6-282.44-1.5083.94 Midwest Top Gun Website
213True 704 Green (2029)True 704 Green (2029)NC4-682.430.5081.93 True North Carolina Website
214Socal Express 29/30Socal Express 29/30CA3-6-182.32-2.2084.52 SoCal Express Website
215Penguins Orange (2029)MA6-382.242.1180.13 Penguins Select Website
216Triad Sweetlax (2029)Triad Sweetlax (2029)NC5-982.18-2.0084.18 Triad Elite Sweetlax Website
217Mooselax 2029 WhiteMooselax 2029 WhiteNY3-482.140.5781.57 MooseLax Lacrosse Club Website
218True Baltimore Black (2029)True Baltimore Black (2029)MD3-1082.06-3.5385.59 True Maryland Website
2193d Upstate (2029)3d Upstate (2029)NY3-681.91-1.5583.46 3D Upstate Website
220Duke's Elite Cunningham 2029A. Duke's Elite Cunningham 2029A. PA6-1181.83-2.7684.59 Dukes Lacrosse Website
221Brotherly Love Jupiter (2029)Brotherly Love Jupiter (2029)PA0-781.63-9.1490.77Brotherly Love Lacrosse Club Facebook Brotherly Love Lacrosse Club Twitter Brotherly Love Lacrosse Club Instagram Brotherly Love Lacrosse Club Website
222STJ 2029XX4-281.611.3380.28
223Piatelli Central White (2029)Piatelli Central White (2029)MA4-281.522.8378.69 Piatelli Central Website
224Resolute Cleveland 2029OH2-481.52-2.3383.85 Resolute Lacrosse Website
225Performax (2029)Performax (2029)NY1-581.35-5.1686.51 Performax Lacrosse Website
226Team 91 Tristate Power (2029)Team 91 Tristate Power (2029)NY5-6-181.09-0.5881.67 Team 91 Tri-State Website
227LI Express East Mercurio (2029)LI Express East Mercurio (2029)NY3-5-181.06-0.6681.72 Long Island Express Lacrosse Website
228Dirty Birds GA (2029)Dirty Birds GA (2029)GA4-681.01-1.8082.81Dirty Birds GA  Facebook Dirty Birds GA  Twitter Dirty Birds GA  Instagram Dirty Birds GA  Website
229BLU (2029)2-7-180.73-2.8083.53
230Dragons FLC Fire (2029)Dragons FLC Fire (2029)CT1-580.65-5.0085.65 Dragons LC Website
231Upstate Ballers (2029)3-380.56-0.6681.22
232Express NORTH Orange (2029)Express NORTH Orange (2029)CT3-680.52-2.6683.18 Express North Website
233Team 91 Empire Thunder (2029)NY4-580.39-2.0082.39 Team 91 Empire Website
234Blue Star Navy (2029)Blue Star Navy (2029)NJ3-480.350.4279.93 Blue Star Lacrosse Website
235Team Oregon A (2029)Team Oregon A (2029)OR3-680.30-2.3382.63 Team Oregon Lacrosse Instagram Team Oregon Lacrosse Website
236Team Turnpike 2029Team Turnpike 2029NJ6-280.101.6278.48 Team Turnpike Website
237SDLA (2029)CA2-1480.09-4.1884.27
2383d New England Blue (2029)3d New England Blue (2029)MA2-6-180.05-3.1183.163D New England Facebook 3D New England Twitter 3D New England Instagram 3D New England Website
239HLC - Hereford Lacrosse (2029)HLC - Hereford Lacrosse (2029)MD0-780.03-6.1486.17 HLC - Hereford Lacrosse Website
240True Pitt Black	(2029)True Pitt Black (2029)PA3-579.97-2.3782.34
241Iron Horse HTX Clydesdale (2029)Iron Horse HTX Clydesdale (2029)TX5-979.95-1.2881.23 Iron Horse Houston Twitter Iron Horse Houston Instagram Iron Horse Houston Website
242True Oregon 29/30True Oregon 29/302-6-179.85-3.3383.18 True National Lacrosse Website
243True Chesapeake Green (2029)True Chesapeake Green (2029)MD4-779.79-2.7282.51 True Maryland Website
244Commonwealth Kings 2029/30Commonwealth Kings 2029/30KY3-7-179.77-1.8181.58 Commonwealth Kings Website
245Be the Best Force (2029)Be the Best Force (2029)NY3-479.71-1.4281.13 Be The Best Website
246Clippers LC (2029)Clippers LC (2029)MD9-6-179.662.7576.91 Clippers LC Instagram Clippers LC Website
247Upper Level (2029)Upper Level (2029)NJ3-379.63-1.3380.96 Upper Level Elite Website
247Upper Level (2029)Upper Level (2029)NJ3-379.63-1.3380.96 Upper Level Elite Website
248Hilton Head Elite (2029/30)Hilton Head Elite (2029/30)SC4-279.481.6677.82 Hilton Head Elite Website
249Iron City (2029)PA1-879.47-5.4484.91
250NH Tomahawks Gold (2029)NH Tomahawks Gold (2029)NH3-679.37-3.4482.81 New Hampshire Tomahawks Website
251Headstrong LV (2029/30)PA3-2-179.34-0.3379.67
252NY Reign (2029)NY Reign (2029)NY3-5-179.23-1.3380.56 New York Reign Website
253LI Express Byrnes (2029)LI Express Byrnes (2029)NY2-779.21-4.3383.54 Long Island Express Lacrosse Website
254Richmond Hawks A (2029)Richmond Hawks A (2029)VA3-679.17-2.1181.28 Richmond Hawks Website
255HEADstrong South Jersey 2029HEADstrong South Jersey 2029NJ3-679.16-3.6682.82 Headstrong SJ Website
256True IN A (2029)True IN A (2029)IN0-679.16-5.0084.16 True Indiana Website
257Cannons 2029Cannons 2029MD4-10-279.06-2.6281.68 Maryland Cannons Select Lacrosse Website
258Chapel Hillsborough Hilltoppers (2029)NC3-4-179.05-1.5080.55 Chapel Hillsborough Hilltopper Website
259LI Rebels LC Sting (2029)LI Rebels LC Sting (2029)NY2-879.05-2.7081.75 Long Island Rebels Lacrosse Club Website
260Shore 2 Shore Cyclones (2029)Shore 2 Shore Cyclones (2029)NY3-5-178.97-1.7780.74 Shore 2 Shore Twitter Shore 2 Shore Instagram Shore 2 Shore Website
261Riot Mayhem (2029)Riot Mayhem (2029)NJ2-4-178.92-2.8581.77 NJ Riot Lacrosse Website
262Mad Dog Shore Red (2029)Mad Dog Shore Red (2029)NJ3-378.91-1.8380.74 Mad Dog New Jersey Website
263Philadelphia Freedom 2029 Red	Philadelphia Freedom 2029 Red PA1-578.87-4.1683.03 Philadelphia Freedom Lacrosse Website
264460 Lacrosse (2029/30)460 Lacrosse (2029/30)VA5-3-178.84-2.2281.06 460 Lacrosse Website
265True NoVa Green (2029)True NoVa Green (2029)VA3-578.69-0.2578.94 True Virginia Website
266Deep South Thrashers (2029)GA7-7-178.64-1.0079.64 Deep South Thrashers Website
267Gonzo (2029)Gonzo (2029)MD9-278.530.4578.08 Gonzo Lacrosse Website
268Team Maryland Red 2029Team Maryland Red 2029MD6-6-178.37-0.7679.13 Team Maryland Lacrosse Club Website
269Maineiax (2029/30)ME2-2-278.33-0.8379.16 Maineiax Lacrosse Website
270Team Carolina Select (2029)Team Carolina Select (2029)NC1-778.33-7.5085.83 Team Carolina Website
271Tenacious Turtles DeSanti (2029)Tenacious Turtles DeSanti (2029)NY2-778.29-4.8883.17 Tenacious Turtles Website
272Culver City Comets 29/30CA0-1078.22-6.8085.02
273Team 91 Charlotte White 2029Team 91 Charlotte White 2029NC3-6-178.18-1.5079.68 Team 91 Charlotte Website
274CT Valley White (2029)CT Valley White (2029)CT4-278.091.8376.26 Connecticut Valley Website
275Riot North (2029)Riot North (2029)NY0-4-277.97-3.8381.80 Riot North Website
276Warbirds 2029NC0-1177.89-4.4582.34 Warbird Lacrosse Association Website
277Team Virginia Lacrosse Elite (2029)Team Virginia Lacrosse Elite (2029)VA7-9-177.84-0.5878.42 Team Virginia Lacrosse Instagram Team Virginia Lacrosse Website
278True Fredericksburg 2029/30True Fredericksburg 2029/30MD2-3-177.82-0.6678.48 True Maryland Website
279Houlagan Green (2029)Houlagan Green (2029)NH0-5-177.26-2.8380.09 Houlagan Lacrosse Website
280Mountain GoatsCO1-677.26-6.4283.68
281Iron Horse Austin 29/30 BlueIron Horse Austin 29/30 BlueTX2-5-177.23-3.0080.23Iron Horse Austin Facebook Iron Horse Austin Twitter Iron Horse Austin Instagram Iron Horse Austin Website
282True Philly Green (2029)True Philly Green (2029)PA0-6-177.21-3.7180.92 True Pennsylvannia Website
283Bethesda Orange (2029)Bethesda Orange (2029)MD4-11-177.08-3.1280.20 Bethesda Lacrosse Club (BLC) Website
2843D Garden State A (2029)3D Garden State A (2029)NJ1-6-277.07-4.3381.40 3D Garden State Website
285Patriot ELITE 2029 NavyPatriot ELITE 2029 NavyNJ2-476.99-4.5081.49 Patriot Lacrosse Website
2862Way North Gold 20292Way North Gold 2029CT2-476.69-2.3379.022Way North Facebook 2Way North Twitter 2Way North Instagram 2Way North Website
287Evolution 2029 EdgeEvolution 2029 EdgeNJ2-576.64-3.2879.92 Evolution Lacrosse Academy Website
288Coyotes (2029/30)Coyotes (2029/30)MA2-3-176.56-1.3377.89 Coyotes Lacrosse MA Instagram Coyotes Lacrosse MA Website
289Ville Lacrosse (2029)Ville Lacrosse (2029)MD3-576.19-1.0077.19 Ville Lacrosse Club Website
290Columbia Elite 29/30SC1-875.95-2.7778.72
291Upstate Carolina U11 (2029)NC3-775.88-3.5079.38Upstate Carolina Lacrosse Facebook
292Mad Dog North Blue (2029)Mad Dog North Blue (2029)NJ0-775.82-4.7180.53 Mad Dog New Jersey Website
293Wolfpack (2029)WA4-775.75-1.8177.56
294True Baltimore Green (2029)True Baltimore Green (2029)MD2-9-175.43-2.6678.09 True Maryland Website
295Dragons NLC (2029)Dragons NLC (2029)CT2-575.32-2.7178.03 Dragons LC Website
296HLC - Houston LC (2029)HLC - Houston LC (2029)TX1-7-175.27-4.1179.38 Houston LC Instagram Houston LC Website
297Jersey Thunder West 29/30Jersey Thunder West 29/30NJ1-5-175.17-3.4278.59 Jersey Thunder Website
298RED DEVIL WHITE (2029)RED DEVIL WHITE (2029)NC1-975.09-7.0082.09 Red Devil United Website
299Defy (2029)Defy (2029)CO0-774.46-8.8583.31 Defy Lacrosse Website
300757 Select (2029)757 Select (2029)VA2-873.08-5.6078.68 757 Select Website
301NH Tomahawks Black (2029)NH Tomahawks Black (2029)NH0-8-173.04-7.0080.04 New Hampshire Tomahawks Website
302Blue Star Carolina (2029)Blue Star Carolina (2029)NJ0-771.98-5.5777.55 Blue Star Lacrosse Website
303GoBig Gorillas (2029)VA0-970.60-7.6678.26
304Kelly Post Grey (2029)Kelly Post Grey (2029)MD0-770.28-7.4277.70 Kelly Post Lacrosse Club Website

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