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Jersey Thunder

Team Name:Jersey Thunder
Location:Morris & Sussex, NJ
Est. Date:N/A
Ranking:Boys: 104th, Girls: 122nd
Links:Jersey Thunder Website
Jersey Thunder


Club Location Gender(s) Age Level(s) Start Date End Date Details
Jersey Thunder Logo Jersey Thunder Morris & Sussex, NJ Boys 2026-2028 Jul 16, 2024 Jul 17, 2024 Link to Jersey Thunder Tryout Details
Jersey Thunder Logo Jersey Thunder Morris & Sussex, NJ Boys 2029-2034 Jul 8, 2024 Jul 9, 2024 Link to Jersey Thunder Tryout Details


Level Team Name W-L-T Ranking AGD Sched Rating
Boys 2025/U17/Varsity
Boys 2025Jersey Thunder Platinum (2025)3-9-3182-0.6687.7587.09
Boys 2025Jersey Thunder Gold (2025)4-17-0344-2.8084.0081.20
Boys 2025Jersey Thunder A (2025)0-0-0--
Boys 2025Jersey Thunder AA (2025)0-0-0--
Boys 2026/U16/JV
Boys 2026Jersey Thunder Platinum (2026)15-6-1693.4587.3890.83
Boys 2026Jersey Thunder Gold (2026)7-11-0220-0.4483.9983.55
Boys 2026Jersey Thunder Cobalt (2026) 8-18-0314-2.8078.9076.10
Boys 2026Jersey Thunder Central Black Ops (2026)0-0-0--
Boys 2026Jersey Thunder Central Orange (2026)0-0-0--
Boys 2026Jersey Thunder West (2026)0-0-0--
Boys 2027
Boys 2027Jersey Thunder Platinum (2027)8-12-1176-0.6186.8986.28
Boys 2027Jersey Thunder Gold (2027)7-14-4303-0.9281.6280.70
Boys 2027Jersey Thunder Central (2027)0-0-0--
Boys 2027Jersey Thunder West (2027)0-0-0--
Boys 2028/U14/MS
Boys 2028Jersey Thunder West (2028)8-14-2244-0.6284.2283.60
Boys 2028Jersey Thunder Central (2028)6-18-0371-2.3780.1677.79
Boys 2029
Boys 2029Jersey Thunder Central 202911-10-11410.4386.7587.18
Boys 2029Jersey Thunder West 29/306-17-2321-2.0479.0076.96
Boys 2030/U12
Boys 2030Jersey Thunder West (2030)19-8-21202.0686.2188.27
Boys 2030Jersey Thunder Central (2030)11-13-0254-1.2084.0082.80
Boys 2031
Boys 2031Jersey Thunder (2031)10-11-4--0.1686.9487.10
Boys 2031Jersey Thunder West 31/328-10-1--0.0585.1685.21
Girls 2025/U17/Varsity
Girls 2025Jersey Thunder Black (2025)11-4-11822.7579.7082.45
Girls 2025Jersey Thunder Blast (2025)5-3-1--0.4479.6980.13
Girls 2027
Girls 2027PA Thunder (2027)10-6-21682.5579.8382.38
Girls 2027Jersey Thunder (2027)11-5-51851.5779.5781.14
Girls 2028/U14/MS
Girls 2028Jersey Thunder (2028)3-13-2239-4.2283.0378.81
Girls 2029
Girls 2029Jersey Thunder 2029/300-0-0--
Girls 2030/U12
Girls 2030Jersey Thunder 30/313-12-2175-2.2980.0177.72

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