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True Minnesota

Team Name:True Minnesota
Location:, MN
Est. Date:N/A
Ranking:Boys: 128th
Links:True Minnesota Website
True Minnesota


Club Location Gender(s) Age Level(s) Start Date End Date Details
True Minnesota Logo True Minnesota MN Girls 2025-2034 Jul 23, 2024 Jul 25, 2024 Link to True Minnesota Tryout Details
True Minnesota Logo True Minnesota MN Boys 2026-2034 Jul 17, 2024 Jul 24, 2024 Link to True Minnesota Tryout Details


Level Team Name W-L-T Ranking AGD Sched Rating
Boys 2025/U17/Varsity
Boys 2025True MN AAA (2025)10-2-0924.8384.9889.81
Boys 2025True MN AA (2025)4-9-1339-0.5782.0081.43
Boys 2025True MN A Black (2025)0-5-0---7.0081.9874.98
Boys 2026/U16/JV
Boys 2026True MN AAA (2026)13-3-01103.3784.9888.35
Boys 2026True MN AA (2026)4-7-1300-0.6679.2678.60
Boys 2026True MN A (2026)0-0-0--
Boys 2027
Boys 2027True MN AAA (2027)7-5-11411.1586.0787.22
Boys 2027True MN A Black (2027)8-3-0--1.1885.5086.68
Boys 2027True MN AA (2027)5-9-2284-1.6283.2081.58
Boys 2028/U14/MS
Boys 2028True MN AAA (2028)3-2-0--4.4085.4689.86
Boys 2028True MN A (2028)3-7-02331.2682.8784.13
Boys 2028True MN AA (2028)8-11-0276-0.6882.7582.07
Boys 2028True MN WS 20280-0-0--
Boys 2029
Boys 2029True MN 12U AA (2029)4-6-1---0.7286.4785.75
Boys 2029True MN AA (2029)1-6-0---4.1485.1581.01
Boys 2029True MN AAA (2029)0-0-0--
Boys 2030/U12
Boys 2030True MN AAA (2030)7-1-0--5.2584.7289.97
Boys 2030True MN AA (2030)7-7-12440.6682.7583.41
Boys 2030True MN 30/311-2-0---3.3380.1776.84
Boys 2031
Boys 2031True MN AAA (2031)6-1-1--4.2585.2789.52
Girls 2025/U17/Varsity
Girls 2025True MN (2025)6-3-0--2.2278.3080.52
Girls 2025True MN HS (2025)0-1-0---9.0082.8773.87
Girls 2026/U16/JV
Girls 2026True MN AA (2026)2-4-2---3.0076.9973.99
Girls 2026True MN AAA (2026)0-4-0---5.7579.6673.91
Girls 2027
Girls 2027True MN AAA (2027)3-2-2--3.0082.5685.56
Girls 2027True MN Green (2027)3-2-0--0.6077.7278.32
Girls 2028/U14/MS
Girls 2028True MN AAA (2028)2-3-0---1.2082.4181.21
Girls 2028True MN Green (2028)1-2-0--1.0079.1980.19
Girls 2029
Girls 2029True MN 12U2-0-1--6.6685.9592.61
Girls 2030/U12
Girls 2030True MN (2030)3-5-0---0.1283.0282.90

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