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Nov 24, 2023


Brought to you by ELEVATE, the first release of the USCLUBLAX Rankings are now out!!! The 2023-24 USCLUBLAX Season marks the 5-year anniversary of our ratings based national rankings where we strive to improve the competitive landscape for youth club lacrosse each year. This year is no exception as we have launched the First Annual US Club Lacrosse National Championship where the top 16 ranked teams who meet our inclusion criteria will be invited to a tournament at the end of the season to crown a National Champion. We have even more features and upgrades that we expect to launch on our website later this season that will enahance the USCLUBLAX experience that you all will enjoy.


A team must meet the 6-games played (increases to 12 games come July) against the same age level minimum requirement in order to appear in the USCLUBLAX rankings based on their rating. Eligible games run from September 2023 to the end of July 2024.

Based 100% on game results, USCLUBLAX's algorithm computes an overall average performance team rating pending how a team performs against their opponent's rating.

We essentially compare the results of how a set of teams perform in one tournament to a whole set of new teams in another tournament through common opponents throughout the year. Eventually you have hundreds of teams linked through similar opponents where we are able to more accurately compute strength of schedule and a club team rating.

The MOST IMPORTANT KEY to the accuracy of these ratings is accurate information. If we have a score in our database assigned to the Florida Crabs when it is supposed to be the Baltimore Crabs, then that will have an impact on not just the teams playing in that one game but also all of the opponents linked to those teams. If you notice a game score correction or the wrong information, please let us know but selecting the FIX icon located on each team page or contacting us directly.

Next week we will be launching our first class of 2031 Team Ratings. These teams will not be ranked until next season, but each team will be awarded a rating so that tournament directors can group teams more appropriately, which will result in more competitive games.

With over 18K game scores collected from 157 events, enjoy the first release of the 2023-2024 season's rankings. We will release an updated rankings next week....

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