2023-24 USCLUBLAX RANKINGS 5.0: "National teams should not be in the rankings!"


USClubLax Staff

Jan 19, 2024

2023-24 USCLUBLAX RANKINGS 5.0: "National teams should not be in the rankings!"

This is the time of year where many National teams dominate the Club Lacrosse circuit.These National Teams function as all-star squads, drawing players from various lacrosse clubs nationwide. These players often practice together a day before a tournament and then compete in the event, representing a team different from their primary club.

The Club Lacrosse Community has explicitly emphasized that National Teams should not be ranked alongside Traditional club teams, given their distinct nature. However, a challenge arises when National Teams and Traditional club teams participate in the same tournaments. Consequently, having an overall team rating becomes advantageous for creating competitive groupings and comparing teams.

To address this, the USCLUBLAX National Championship is introducing the "GOLDEN 16," featuring the top-ranked traditional teams for the age levels of 2030-2025. Notably, National Teams and those opting out of the National Championship will not be eligible or included in the Golden 16.

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