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POWER 20 Goalie - Austin Boardo (2023)


USClubLax Staff

Aug 16, 2021

POWER 20 Goalie - Austin Boardo (2023)

Austin Boardo - Holliston High (MA) - Goalie - 3D New England/Atlanta Kings National

Austin is the top goalie in the class. Very very very good. Makes some insane stops. Just watching Austin’s highlights you can tell this kid is special. Quick hands, moves feet very well. Can make a clear look effortless from his knees after a tough save. Top D1 material.

Click HERE to see Austin Boardo Highlights

"What impresses me most about Austin is his poise and calm feet. No wasted movement in his motion around the crease. He's really steady and probably above all is his limited rebounds and his touch passes after the save. His stick skills and clearing is probably the highlight of his game just ontop of his steady feet." Video Breakdown by Kyle Bernlohr

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