USCLUBLAX Rankings Update (through 12/17)


USClubLax Staff

Dec 03, 2021

USCLUBLAX Rankings Update (through 12/17)

Each week, we receive many game score corrections and new game score submissions, which equally impact the rankings. Obviously adding new data can change the outcome of the data, but it also can bring teams to the six (6) game minimum to appear in the rankings. Due to tournaments like Legends National Cup and the IMLCA Players Summit, we saw several new teams with recognizable names appear in the rankings.

Equally as important, the club lacrosse community has been extremely helpful in not only pointing out which tournaments we may have missed and have provided links to those verified scores through the Game Score Entry option, but also submitted several game score corrections. These help differentiate two teams within an age level where we might’ve had scores combined into one. The impact of this differentiation does not only impact the two teams, but every team they’ve played and the teams who have played them as all of the teams connected to those teams will see their strength of schedule change. Therefore, a team’s strength of schedule and rating will change accordingly based on the information the club lacrosse community gives us.

With 14,627 game scores from 180 tournaments, we have ranked 2,130 teams in the following 12 age categories:

As a reminder, our ratings goes beyond wins and losses and analyzes how a team performs against the competition. We encourage people to utilize the "Ratings Math" tab located on each team page for a detailed summary of how a team's rating is impacted by each game.

BOYS 2023 (Click here to view)

The Baltimore Crabs (11-0) continue their dominance at the IMLCA Players Summit and remain the top team for the Boys 2023. We also said to be on the lookout for #2 Shore 2 Shore OG's (7-1) who make their debut in the rankings whose only loss is to the Crabs. There were some other shake ups in the rankings based on the performances of opponents.

BOYS 2024 (Click here to view)

#2 Denver Elite Silver (16-1) and #3 LI Legacy Taz (9-1-1) had strong performances last weekend and are right on the heels of Ascension (6-0) who has 3 wins against top 25 opponents including an impressive win over #6 Baltimore Crabs (13-2). We hope to see this team in action at some point this season.

BOYS 2025 (Click here to view)

Arguably the most exciting and competitive divisions would be the Boys 2025 age level. Two of the best teams make their debut in our rankings and actually faced off last weekend as #2 Team 91 Maryland Fire (8-0) edged out #3 Team 91 LI Shock (7-1). Both of these teams have the exact same AGD and near identical strength of schedule. Annapolis Hawks Green (8-0-1) remains the top seed with a strong AGD at the Fall Lax Invitational, NAL Fall Invitational, and NXT Philly Fall.

BOYS 2026 (Click here to view)

Not much change in the Boys 2026 age level as #1 LI Express Channy (11-1) is the top 2026 Boys team. #14 Sweetlax FL (8-2) makes their debut in the top 25 after a strong performance at Legends Chrome Classic and IMLCA which includes a 6-5 win over #13 Team 91 Maryland who has an edge in the rankings due to a stronger schedule.

BOYS 2027 (Click here to view)

#1 Team 91 LI Machine (7-0) stays atop the Boys 2027 rankings. California teams #5 West Coast Starz Gold (8-0) and #7 Mad Dog West Elite (9-2) have a strong presence in the top 10. These western teams showed up at top events like Legends National Cup, Adrenaline Gold Cup and even brought their game to the east coast at the Atlantic Elite.

BOYS 2028 (Click here to view)

Top three teams remain the same with #1 Express North - Black (7-0), #2 Annapolis Hawks Green (5-1), and #3 Madlax - Capital (13-1)on top. However, there were some shake ups thereafter due to some changes in the strength of schedule for some of these squads. #22 Mad Dog Elite West (8-2) make their debut in the top 25 after going undefeated at Legends National Cup.

GIRLS 2023 (Click here to view)

Not much change in the top 10 as #1 Sky Walkers Blue (8-1) out of MD is our top Girls 2023. Tight race for the top NY team as #5 Monster National Purple (9-2) has an early lead on Long Island Top Guns Black (7-3-1).

GIRLS 2024 (Click here to view)

#1 M&D Black (9-1), #2 NEMS (5-1) & #3 Hero's Green (10-1) remain the teams to beat in the Girls 2024 age level. West coast teams of #8 Team 180 (5-2) from CO and so is #13 STEPS Elite California (8-0) are having great starts to the year as well after strong performances at the MidAtlantic Showcase, Southwest Cup and Presidents Cup.

GIRLS 2025 (Click here to view)

Not much movement in the top 10 as #1 Hero's Green (8-0-2) leads the way. A big question in this age group is “How does #10 Yellow Jackets Lomangino (1-5) with a losing record crack the top 10?!” All you have to do is look at their strength of schedule. The five losses all came against other teams ranked in the top 10 and actually gained rating points in a one goal loss to #2 Mass Elite Red (8-1-2). Not too mention their lone win against #11 Monster National Purple (5-4) by 3 goals. This team is not one to look past.

GIRLS 2026 (Click here to view)

Long Island’s Yellow Jackets Manning (5-1) remains atop the Girls 2026 team rankings. The #6 LI Jesters Black (16-0) has had a very busy fall and is easily one of the best in the country. The reason that they are not rated higher can be traced to five games where the teams the Jesters played came to play and kept it closer than what the computer expected (detailed in the RATINGS Math tab). There is something to be said about finding a way to win and as more data is gathered, we would not be shocked to see this team move up higher in the rankings.

GIRLS 2027 (Click here to view)

The Southeast teams are leading the way in the Girls 2027 age level division as #1 Madskillz (8-0) FL and #2 Eagle Stix Blue (14-0-1) GA atop better known clubs from the Northeast and MidAtlantic. The majority of Madskillz’s games did not count towards their rating as only 8 of their games were against their own age level in which they beat their opponent by nearly 8 goals per game. The 3 wins by 8+ goals against #19 Limitless played a key role in the computer’s calculations to Madskillz’ road to #1 as Limitless played top tiered talent and went 5-1 at the MidAtlantic Showcase against competition like #4 Hero’s Green and #24 Cav Lax Elite. Last year we saw another Florida Select team claim the top spot in the 2022 bracket, could the 2027 Madskillz team be next?

GIRLS 2028 (Click here to view)

Not much change in the Girls 2028 division with #1 Rochester Aces Elite (5-1) leading the way. #3 Coppermine Black (9-1) is in the top 5 with 4 wins against Top 10 teams and went back and forth with a one goal victory then one goal loss to #2 M&D Black (12-2). This team is right in the thick of things.


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