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USCLUBLAX Rankings Update (through 1/14)


USClubLax Staff

Jan 13, 2022

USCLUBLAX Rankings Update (through 1/14)

The rankings are back with 1,000 new games from at least six new tournaments since our last rankings update a month ago. At the turn of the season, we are approaching scores from almost 200 tournaments and are on track to record almost double the amount of games from last year's ranking.

With one of the largest tournaments in the country happening this weekend in Sand Storm in Palm Springs, CA, we can certainly more teams to appear in the rankings and things to be shaken up. There are a ton of West Coast teams attending but so are teams from the Midwest, South and Northeast as well.

Total number of games recorded = 15,694

Number of Ranked Teams = 2,242

As a reminder, our ratings goes beyond wins and losses and analyzes how a team performs against the competition. We encourage people to utilize the "Ratings Math" tab located on each team page for a detailed summary of how a team's rating is impacted by each game.

BOYS 2023 (Click here to view)

#3 True National Green (6-0) and #4 Madlax DC DOGS (9-5) flip flopped as did #7 Leading Edge (13-7) and $8 Juiced Cherries (5-3) in the rankings as strength of schedule changed in favor of the True National Green team. Remeber it's not just how your team performs but also how the teams you play perform that can have an impact.

BOYS 2024 (Click here to view)

Some more flip flopping near the top, but it is the #9 Carolina Miners (11-4) who jumped up 3 spots after a strong performance at a very competitive Club Lacrosse Nationals in FL. Keep an eye for Premier Nationals (5-0) as well as True Illinois Premier AA (5-0) who should be high on this list once they meet the 6-game played against age level requirement.

BOYS 2025 (Click here to view)

#5 Nations Best (9-1) wins a few games at Tropical Thaw and Club Lacrosse Nationals including a very impressive 13-4 win against LI Express Channy (11-3-1).

BOYS 2026 (Click here to view)

Appearing in the 2026 rankings for the first time this year is the #3 Texas nationals Mohicans (7-1) who have played well at the Fall Lax Invitational and Club Lacrosse Nationals including a tough 5-1 victory over #8 Leading Edge (13-3). #6 Stealth Black Ops (22-2) jumped up a few spots after a solid performance at Club Lacrosse Nationals where they took down the #1 LI Express Channy (15-2).

BOYS 2027 (Click here to view)

After a dominating performance at the Adrenaline Challenge including a 5-2 win against #13 Mad Dog West Elite (13-3-1), #9 ADVNC NDP NorCal (9-1-1) makes their debut in rankings in an age group where West Coast Teams are well represented.

BOYS 2028 (Click here to view)

After a strong outing against mostly 2027s at the Pinnacle Lacrosse Fall championships, #1 True National Black (6-0) went undefeated against their own age bracket including a 9-8 victory over #4 West Coast Starz (8-2-1) at Club Lacrosse Nationals to gain the top spot in the rankings.

There were not many new games or score corrections that made drastic impacts for the Girls. However, we will be seeing a lot of highly ranked teams like Mad Dog West Elite, Grit, Tenancity, Seattle Starz and more in action this weekend. Will definitely shake things up after Sand Storm

GIRLS 2023 (Click here to view)

GIRLS 2024 (Click here to view)

GIRLS 2025 (Click here to view)

GIRLS 2026 (Click here to view)

GIRLS 2027 (Click here to view)

GIRLS 2028 (Click here to view)

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