RANKINGS UPDATE: Our Ranking Dropped, but Why?


USClubLax Staff

Dec 19, 2023

RANKINGS UPDATE: Our Ranking Dropped, but Why?

Your club team hasn't played a game in over a month yet you fell in the rankings. How does that happen??? This is a common situation that happens more frequently at the beginning of the season and we'll explain the 3 most likely reasons why.

MORE TEAMS QUALIFIED TO APPEAR IN THE RANKINGS. Currently there is a six (6) games played against the same age level minimum requirement in order to appear in the rankings. Initially, your team might have been ranked among a smaller pool of teams. As more teams meet the game requirement, they enter the rankings and may potentially surpass your team.Despite a drop in the numerical ranking, it's important to consider the percentile. For instance, going from 20th out of 80 teams (top 25% percentile) to 30th out of 150 teams (top 20% percentile) indicates an improvement in relative performance. Keep in mind that the minimum number of games does increase to 12 in July as more data is added to the database.

NEW GAME SCORES ADDED.The ranking system is dynamic and responds to the addition of new game scores. A great performance against a strong opponent might lose its impact if that opponent performs poorly in subsequent games. Conversely, if an opponent improves, a previous close loss can enhance your team's rating. Each game is given equal weight in the team's rating, emphasizing the importance of all games in influencing the rankings.

CORRECTION WITH GAME SCORES. Corrections, especially for significant errors like misattributed scores or correcting forfeits, lead to more accurate team ratings. Once these corrections are made, the rankings become more reflective of the actual performance of each team. Please keep in mind that some score corrections require the approval of an Event Director in order to settle scoring diputes. The process of submitting and recording game scores is prone to human error. Mistakes in attributing scores to the wrong teams or combining scores for teams with similar names can occur. Once we have these corrections in our database, our team ratings become more accurate and we typically see movement in the rankings.

In essence, the ranking system is a complex and dynamic algorithm that constantly evolves as new data is added and corrections are made. The interplay of team performances, opponent performances, and the accuracy of recorded data collectively contribute to the fluctuations observed in rankings over time. Understanding these factors helps teams, players, and fans make sense of the rankings and appreciate the intricacies of the system.

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