USCLUBLAX to Exclude National Team Event Scores


USClubLax Staff

Mar 01, 2024

USCLUBLAX to Exclude National Team Event Scores

USCLUBLAX has chosen to exclude scores from The Circuit when determining team ratings. The decision stems from the unique structure of The Circuit, where "National Teams" are crafted by combining elite players from regional clubs, adhering to specific rules and guidelines to ensure a well-balanced composition. This move is aimed at preserving accuracy in team ratings and rankings to foster equitable competition.

This decision is based on the acknowledgment that rosters for The Circuit may exhibit significant variations compared to those in other events, posing a challenge in maintaining uniformity in player composition. In line with The Circuit's guidelines and the definition of a National Team, which specifies a program comprising elite players from a minimum of two non-adjacent regions, with no more than 60% of any player pool or roster originating from one regional club. By excluding scores from The Circuit, USCLUBLAX aims to provide more accurate team ratings for enhanced match-ups and increased competitiveness in future events.

While there are other events featuring "National Teams," USCLUBLAX currently lacks visibility into the rosters for each of these events, making it challenging to verify consistencies from one event to another. The assumption is made that if a team shares the same name, the majority of the roster remains consistent. However, this assumption does not hold true in the case of The Circuit, where the rules explicitly outline that the rosters differ from those of regional teams.

USCLUBLAX emphasizes that as long as event directors align teams in tournament play, the organization will continue to compare these teams against each other. The aim is to not only make these comparisons but also to assist in future match-ups, ensuring the provision of the most competitive play possible. The statement underscores the importance of accurate roster information to enable precise evaluations and enhance the quality of competition in lacrosse tournaments.

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