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Lock Jaw (2025)

Category:Boys 2025 Rankings
Goals (GF-GA):9-16
Links:Lock Jaw Website
Club:Lock Jaw
Location:Baldwin, NY
Head Coach: Add/Update Head Coach


DateTimeOpponent EventResultFix
2020-10-17Evolution Lacrosse Academy (2025)Laxtoberfest 2020: Orange2 - 6
2020-10-17Upper Level (2025)Laxtoberfest 2020: Orange2 - 6
2020-10-17NJLC (2025)Laxtoberfest 2020: Orange5 - 4
DateOpponentW/L/T ScoreGDOpp RatingPoints+/-
2020-10-17Evolution Lacrosse Academy (2025)L2 - 6-480.7176.71-1.15
2020-10-17Upper Level (2025)L2 - 6-483.0179.011.14
2020-10-17NJLC (2025)W5 - 4176.8377.83-0.03


The maximum goal differential for any one game is 10. The average goal differential (GD) should equal this team's AGD from the rankings page. The average "Opp Rating" should equal this team's SCHED. The average "Points" is the team's rating. The average "+/-" should equal 0.00, but it is possible that rounding errors of 0.01 will occur occasionally. Larger error numbers indicate that a game scores has been changed or deleted since the last ratings calculation. The points and +/- columns give you an indication as to whether the team did better or worse than expected based upon the team's ratings. Positive +/- numbers mean the team did better than expected and "helped" its rating. Games with negative numbers mean the team performed worse than expected.


Games grayed out above indicate that these games were not used to calculate this team's rating. Games may not qualify because 1) they were entered since the last rankings update but will be included in the next rankings update; 2) they were against teams of a different age level and cannot mathematically be used; 3) the game was determined to be a forfeit, which are not an indication of a team's strength/weakness and are not used.

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