RANKINGS UPDATE: 2031 Class Team Ratings are LIVE


USClubLax Staff

Dec 07, 2023

RANKINGS UPDATE: 2031 Class Team Ratings are LIVE

In the last rankings release, we explained how the rankings work. In this release of the 2023/24 US CLUBLAX Team rankings brought to you by ELEVATE, we are launching team ratings for the class of 2031. This feature calculates a team's rating on a scale from 0-100 utilizing the same algorithm used for our popular team rankings in older age levels.

By this time, teams are used to registering into events as an "AA Team", "A Team", "B Team", etc. What happens when the definition and ability level vary from event to event? By having a numerical value, Event Directors and Club Directors are able to utilize team ratings to identify matchups properly to enhance competitive play. For instance, if a team that is rated an 85 would expect a very competitive game against another rated within a few points. However, if there is a discrepency of 10 or more rating points, we can probably expect a lopsided result.

The Golden 16 indicates who would be the top teams invited to the the First Annual US Club Lacrosse National Championship, it was our decision not to confuse the lacrosse community by ranking the 2031 age level, while still having access to a team ranking by clicking the club team link.

With over 20K game scores collected from 190 events, enjoy the updated 2023-2024 season's rankings. We will release an updated rankings next week....

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