2021-2022 USCLUB RANKINGS 1.0


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Nov 12, 2021

2021-2022 USCLUB RANKINGS 1.0

Fall ball marks the beginning of the US Club Lacrosse season and we are pleased to release our first look at the 2021-2022 rankings. The USCLUBLAX rankings are purely based on a mathematical equation based on who a team played just as much as what the score was. That means that ratings from previous years and opinions from a Coaches’ Poll do not have an impact on this year’s stats.

Like many things, Version 1.0 is not perfect. Not every team has met the six (6) game minimum required to appear in the rankings and we are also missing scores from some recognizable programs since some tournament directors did not send in scores or update a third party scoring platform (i.e. Tourney Machine), therefore we are unable to verify scores. However, as the year progresses and more data is submitted into USCLUBLAX, our database will grow stronger and so will the accuracy of the rankings.

Despite some of the shortcomings in this current version, we are proud that we have captured more data than any other year at this point of the season. To date, we have captured scores from over 85 events and 6K+ games for the 2023-2028 age levels.

BOYS 2023 (Click to view rankings)

The MADLAX DC DOGS are currently atop the leaderboard after a strong start to the season at the B’more Fall Classic and Adrenaline Gold Cup. Their only loss was by one goal to the #3 West Coast Starz Gold team. Team 91 Carolina, Leading Edge and True Florida State round out the top 5.

Top Teams <6 game min: Baltimore Crabs and Annapolis Hawks

BOYS 2024 (Click to view rankings)

Ascending to the #1 spot is Ascension from PA after an impressive weekend at the B’more Fall Classic. #2 Denver Elite Silver steamed through teams at the Adrenaline Gold Cup beating teams by an average of 6.66 goals. The Baltimore Crabs, Leading Edge, and Omnia out of Michigan are the other teams in our top 5.

Top Teams <6 game min: Steps Elite, Top Caliber, & Mesa PA

BOYS 2025 (Click to view rankings)

Madlax Capital is a team that I’m sure will stay near the top of our rankings throughout the year and is currently our #1 Boys 2025 team. Leading Edge and Sweetlax FL are also having strong starts to the year and appear in our top 10. ELEV8 Lacrosse is also well represented after some impressive wins at NXT’s Grand Prix

Top Teams <6 game min: Team 91 Maryland Fire, West Coast Starz, Next Level Blue, BBL Black Elite & LI Express Channy

BOYS 2026 (Click to view rankings)

#1 LI Express Channy (2026) is good, well very good. They are off to a 9-0 start and beating opponents by an average of nearly 8 goals per game. They did edge out #5 3D New England Red by one goal, which puts them slightly ahead of the Baltimore Crabs and Sweetlax Upstate NY. #4 NCF Triad Elite Red is a team that may surprise people this year and have hung in with some top tier talent this fall.

Top Teams <6 game min: Team 91 LI Storm, DC Express Black, Leading Edge, & Annapolis Hawks Black

BOYS 2027 (Click to view rankings)

Both undefeated and similar AGD, 2Way Black edges out West Coast Starz Gold for the Boys 2027 rankings. Next Level Blue, Mad Dog West Elite and Team 91 Charlotte Blue round out the top 5 with impressive starts to the year.

Top Teams <6 game min:BBL Elite Black, Tommyknockers, & Team 91 LI Machine

BOYS 2028 (Click to view rankings)

Madlax Capital holds the #1 spot yet again for the first Boys 2028 ranking. This team has been dominate in their first 8 games and expect to continue to see them to have success throughout the year. Bethesda Blue is our second ranked team having only lost to a very good Crabs team who we can expect to break into the top 5 very soon. West Coast Starz, FCA Upstate and Team 91 Charlotte round out the top 5.

Top Teams <6 game min: Crabs Lacrosse, 2Way Black, 3D Georgia Red, True MN AAA

GIRLS 2023 (Click to view rankings)

A 4-3 team as #1 team in the country? Well before you jump down our throats, REV Black dominated the New England Chill and barely lost to 3 teams who would be ranked in the top 3 if they had enough games played. Eagle Stix Blue and Black Jack both showed up this Fall and are in the top 5.

Top Teams <6 game min: Yellow Jackets South, Check-Hers Black, Sky Walkers Blue & Sky Walkers White.

GIRLS 2024 (Click to view rankings)

Do we expect to see an undefeated team atop the rankings? Of course. However, when a team’s only losses are against teams who would be top 10 teams, it's hard to ignore. The computer has BBL Elite Black and LI Jesters Black in the top two spots for the Girls 2024 and do not let their 2024 Age Level winning percentage fool you. These two squads showed up at tournaments like NXT Fall Classic, The Rivalry and Columbus Day against top talent. DEWLAX Black, PA Express Orange and Hero’s White currently round out the top 5.

Top Teams <6 game min:NEMS, Yellow Jackets Swarm Wiener, M&D Black, Hero’s Green, & True MN AAA

GIRLS 2025 (Click to view rankings)

MD United East, Tradition Lacrosse, & Eagle Stix Blue are the top 3 teams in our GIrls 2025 rankings. This is probably the closest race in our rankings. However, we do expect results from LAX FOR CURE to shake things up.

Top Teams <6 game min: Hero’s Green, Prime Time, LI Legacy Blue, M&D Black, Sky Walker’s Blue & Phantastix Purple

GIRLS 2026 (Click to view rankings)

After dominant performances at ChiTown and Top Draw, the computer has National Lake Shore Premier from Minnesota as the top ranked team in the Girls 2026 division. The Midwest can ball and these girls have an undefeated record and AGD of 7.66. The LI Jesters Black team is not that far behind with a 13-0 record and would not be shocked if they claim the #1 spot very soon. The Rochester Aces, Eagle Stix Blue, and Xtreme are high in our rankings as well.

Top Teams <6 game min:Long Island Top Guns Black, Yellow Jackets Manning, & Monster National Purple

GIRLS 2027 (Click to view rankings)

Prime Time steam rolled through The Fall Round’Up and continued their winning ways at the Northeast Showcase going 6-0 with a 7.50 AGD. Eagle Stix Blue out of Georgia appears in our top 5 again after starting the season 10-0. M&D Black and Hero’s Green should remain staples in the top 5. FLG Navy is a lesser known team to have your eye on this year.

Top Teams <6 game min: Madskillz, Lacrosse Monkey Purple, Tradition Lacrosse, & Yellow Jackets LI Stadler.

GIRLS 2028 (Click to view rankings)

LI Legacy Blue start out as the #1 team in our Girls 2028 rankings after solid performances at Fall Fray & Queen of the Island. Prime Time, Eagle Stix Blue, HHH and NXT Black round out the top 5.

Top Teams <6 game min: Yellow Jackets LI Maget, Monster Elite Purple, Syracuse Orange Crush & LI Liberty Lax Black.

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