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POWER 20 Midfield- Mike Hanlon (2023)


USClubLax Staff

Jul 01, 2021

POWER 20 Midfield- Mike Hanlon (2023)

Mike Hanlon - Milton Academy - Midfield - 3D New England

Hanlon handles the ball well. Runs well. Makes the smart play. Great Lax I.Q. . Is a threat to score anywhere. Had a great fall. Looking forward to seeing how Mike plays this spring and summer.

Mike Hanlon Highlights CLICK HERE

"First thing that sticks out about Mike's game is definitely how well rounded it is. He's got the IQ to go with the athleticism. He can be a scorer as easily as he can be a facilitator. He can wear a bunch of different hats and that's showed these last few months." VIDEO BREAKDOWN by Pat Aslanian

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